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Disciplinary Action

Learning takes precedence over every other activity at A. E. Wright Middle School. In order to maintain a campus that is conducive to learning, the following general rules of conduct are to be followed: be safe, be respectful, and be prepared.

Procedures for Disciplinary Action:
Pursuant to all state laws and Las Virgenes policies and procedures, the following administrative actions are taken to enforce necessary regulations. This listing of minimum and maximum actions does not imply or require that a step-by-step progression of increasing severity be used by school staff in dealing with a violation. In most cases disciplinary action is dependent upon the situation, and the previous behavior record of the student. When it becomes necessary to refer a student to the office after appropriate teacher interventions, any of the following schedule of actions may take place when an infraction of regulations occurs:

1. Conference regarding violation and a warning
2. Detention, lunch trash pick-up, or written assignment
3. Gum-scraping duty
4. In-school suspension from a specific class and/or activity
5. Parent conference
6. Parent/teacher conference
7. Signed behavior contract
8. Saturday Work Program
9. In-House Suspension (served at school)
10. Suspension (served at home)
11. Transfer to another school within the district
12. Expulsion from the district


The following represent samples of violations that may occur in the school. The asterisk (*) indicates law enforcement agency may be notified.

Student Attire: Wearing clothing that is offensive, inappropriate, distracting to the learning process, unsafe, or violates the dress code. 

Violations Against Public Decency and Good Morals

  • Vulgarity/Profanity: Language that is inappropriate at school.
  • Offensive Social Behavior

Violations Against Public Health and Safety

  • Possession or use of any of the following:
*Dangerous Drugs and Paraphernalia
*Unauthorized Controlled Substance: Alcohol
*Unauthorized Controlled Substance: Tobacco
*"Look-alike" Substance
  • Selling dangerous drugs or unauthorized controlled substances

Violations Against Persons

  • Assault against Student or Staff: Unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability to commit a violent injury on the person of another PC 240 
  • Battery against Student or Staff: Any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another PC 242.

"Serious bodily injury" means a serious impairment of physical condition including, but not limited to the following: loss of consciousness; concussion; bone fracture; protracted loss or impairment of function of any bodily member or organ; a wound requiring extensive suturing; and serious disfigurement (PC 243).

  • Weapon Possession: Weapon is defined as any injurious object EC 49330 and any imitation firearm.
  • Other dangerous objects of no reasonable use at school including fireworks, lighters, matches, etc.
  • Fighting: Mutual combat in which both parties have contributed to the situation by verbal and/or physical action.
  • Hazing: Participating in or conspiring to engage in, or conspiring for others to engage in harassing acts that injure, degrade, or disgrace other individuals EC 32050-2
  • Interference/Obstruction: Any action taken to attempt to prevent a staff member from exercising lawful assigned duties.
  • Verbal Abuse: Threatening language to a staff member;  Insulting language to staff member.
  • Sexual Harassment: Any act of a sexual nature, verbal or physical, that creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive educational environment or negatively impacts academic performance EC 48900.02.
  • Harassing, threatening, or intimidating others EC 48900.04

Violations Against Property

  • Extortion: The obtaining of property from another without consent, induced by a wrongful use of force or threat or under the guise of official right.
  • Theft: An unlawful taking of property.
  • Unauthorized Use of School Property: The unauthorized, illegal use of school property.
  • Willful Damage of School Property: Any student who willfully cuts, defaces, or otherwise injures in any way property, real or personal, belonging to the school district is liable.
  • Damage to Personal Property

Violations Against School Administrative Procedures

  • Continued Willful Disobedience: Repeated refusal to follow school rules and regulations.
  • Defiance of Authority: Willful refusal to follow a legal direction or order given by a staff member.
  • Disruptive Behavior: Actions which are prejudicial to the effective operations of the school.
  • False Identification: Refusal to give or giving false identification when requested to do so by a staff member.
  • Forgery: Falsifying signature or data on official records.
  • Leaving Campus: Leaving campus during school hours without proper clearance.
  • Violation of Suspension: Physically present on a school campus or at a school activity while on suspension or otherwise ineligible.
  • Visiting Other Campus: Unauthorized presence during school hours on a school campus other than the assigned campus.