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Confiscated or Lost Items

Confiscated Items:
Any confiscated item will be returned to the parent if they come in to pick it up, or to the student at the end of the last day of school.  Any unclaimed items are donated to charity.

Lost & Found Personal Items:
Lost clothing, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc. are kept in a bin located outside the Attendance Office. Small articles such as jewelry, wallets, etc. are kept in the attendance office.  Students may claim their lost articles during the lunch period.  If a student loses a book and if the student's name is in the book, it is sent to the student; otherwise, the book is returned to the teacher or department chairperson.  The school cannot assume responsibility for personal items.  It is recommended that students only bring the amount of money they need for school purchases and never carry large amounts of cash.  To prevent loss of personal possessions, each student is reminded to:
  • Never leave backpacks or valuable possessions unattended

  • Never share lockers or keys with any other student

  • Lock and return all combination locks