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All students receive a citizenship mark in each class on each 10-week report card. Codes include: O = Outstanding, S = Satisfactory, N = Needs to Improve, and U = Unsatisfactory. 

Certain clubs and organizations have minimum citizenship requirements in addition to the behavior point minimum.

An "O" student is one who meets or exceeds all school/class rules and expectations.  In addition, (s)he is: helpful to others, participates regularly in a positive way in class, focuses on learning rather than socializing, is self-directed, takes initiative, is responsible, conscientious, and respectful, and has a positive attitude toward his/her classmates. 

A student receiving an "N" or "U" does one or more of the following on an occasional to frequent basis: interferes with the learning process, does not follow class rules, is disrespectful and dishonest in dealing with others, is a negative participant, or refuses to participate in class activities.  Receiving an "N" or "U" in any grading period disqualifies a student from CJSF and participating in field trips.