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Academic Integrity


(In support of BP 5131.9)

The Las Virgenes Unified School District values academic integrity and will not allow any forms of dishonesty or deception that unfairly, improperly or illegally enhance a grade on an individual assignment or a course grade. The following is a list of behaviors that are considered academic dishonesty. The list below has a broad interpretation since creativity often results in students devising new ways of cheating, the list should not be considered exhaustive or conclusive. If you have any questions about whether your actions would be considered honest or not please see a teacher or administrator for clarification. You may refer to the Definition of Academic Dishonesty in the Parent, Student, and Staff Legal Notification Handbook.

We know that there are many stressors on today's student; we aim to work in conjunction with parents to help students understand the importance of dealing with life's challenges without letting go of one's character.

Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to the following infractions:


  1. Copying from others on homework, classwork, or tests
  2. Communicating with another student during a test
  3. Storing notes in a programmable calculator or electronic device
  4. Using cell phones, PDA's, etc., to send or receive information
  5. Taking an exam for another student
  6. Providing or receiving information about an exam from another student
  7. Using a cheat sheet, writing or copying onto hands, body or other apparatus.


  1. Having others help you write your answers for homework or copying another person's homework
  2. Turning in written papers which contain writing from other sources which are not quoted and/or cited. Ex: Internet, friends or parents
  3. Failing to properly note paraphrased, footnoted, or quoted material from other sources
  4. Citing nonexistent sources
  5. Forging a signature


After an investigation by the administration, if a student is found to have broken the Academic Integrity Guidelines, the following will occur:

  1. 50% on assignment, test, quiz, or final
  2. Parent notified by teacher
  3. Referral submitted to administrator
  4. School counselor notified
  5. The student will do a written assignment regarding the importance of academic honesty.
  1. Zero on assignment, test, quiz or final
  2. Referral submitted to administrator
  3. School counselor notified
  4. The student will lose 5 behavior points
  5. An automatic "U" in citizenship for the semester
  1. Zero on assignment, test, quiz or final
  2. Referral submitted to and parent notified by administrator
  3. School counselor notified
  4. An automatic "U" in citizenship for the semester
  5. One day In-House suspension
  6. Loss of 5 points for each day of In-House suspension

*Additional disciplinary actions may be taken based upon the severity of the student action.

Academic dishonesty is cumulative for the duration of middle school, not a per class/year incident.