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A. E. Wright offers a three year comprehensive science program dealing with earth, life, and physical sciences.  Instruction is laboratory based with emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Students work in collaborative learning groups to solve scientific problems as defined by the California State Science Standards.

6th Grade:

Students explore their natural world with many hands on experiments and research projects.  Fields of study include; Introduction to science, geology, meteorology, and environmental science (including microbiology, botany, zoology, and ecology).

7th Grade:

Choices, options, and decisions about their healthy well being is a theme weaved throughout the year as students learn human anatomy, physiology, and health.

8th Grade:

Comprehensive studies in chemistry, physics, astronomy, and optics are explored through laboratory based experiments and procedures.  All 8th graders will also be completing a science fair project in the spring.

"The science of today is the technology of tomorrow."
                                                                                     -Edward Teller

Aluminum Can Drive

FREE MONEY FOR A. E. WRIGHT!  That's correct!  FREE MONEY!  Each aluminum can we recycle brings in funds for our science lab experiments.  Please save your aluminum cans and recycle them through our aluminum can drive.  Simply crush cans and place them in a plastic trash bag.  Mark the bag with the homeroom teacher and student name, and the total number of cans inside the bag.  Bring the bag to the area outside the science building during the drive.  It's that easy!       

Did you know this event is managed entirely through the volunteer efforts of our Leadership students and Waste Management Industries?  Our Leadership students count, collect, and move hundreds of cans to storage each day throughout the duration of the drive.  Waste Management Industries donates a large container and transfers our load of cans to to a local recycling center for disposal.  Through their donations, we are able to raise over $1,500 each school year.   Recycling aluminum cans is good for the environment, saves landfill space, and raises funds for laboratory supplies in each science classroom.