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World Language


Holly Stivers

SPANISH 1A [7th Grade]

Spanish 1A is designed for beginning Spanish students. This is the first year of a two-year program. Emphasis is on communication. Students learn basic vocabulary while they speak, read, and write simple structures and sentence patterns. Testing is both oral and written. Students will have an exposure to hispanic culture. Topics covered include: numbers, colors, months, days, dates, seasons, school vocabulary, shopping for school supplies and clothes, ordering in a cafe, nationalities, and descriptions.

SPANISH 1B [8th Grade]

Spanish 1B is designed as the second year of a two-year program. There is continuing emphasis on communicative language skills: learning the language as it is spoken (listening and understanding), reading the language, and speaking the language both through repetition and original oral work. Increased emphasis is placed on written skills and grammar. There is continued exposure to hispanic culture such as celebrating Languages and Cultures Month in March and Cinco de Mayo in May. Topics covered include: the family and the house, sports, talking about health and going to the doctor, summer and winter activities, cultural activities, traveling on an airplane, and the student's personal hygiene and daily routine.