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Where do I drop off/pick up?

A.E. Wright has one main area for parents to drop off or pick up students, the carpool loop on the north side of campus. We appreciate you following the procedures, being polite, courteous and patient when driving through the traffic loop.


  • Pull into EITHER LANE when entering the drop off/pick up loop from Las Virgenes Road. Merge into ONE LANE where designated. Once you have merged, the RIGHT LANE is for student pick up/drop off only.  Use the LEFT LANE of the loop for “thru traffic” only.
  • Move as far forward as possible IN THE RIGHT LANE when picking up or dropping off, and CONTINUE TO PULL FORWARD as cars in front of you move forward or exit into the left lane.
  • Exit the loop and then re-enter the loop if your student is not ready for pick up when you come through the loop.
  • DROP EARLIER in the morning or PICK UP LATER in the afternoon.
  • For pick-up, we suggest that you do NOT arrive before 3:10pm.


  • Allow your student to cross traffic lanes to be picked up in the left lane.
  • Stop your car in the LEFT LANE to wait for your child.
  • Get out of your car or park your car in either lane to wait for or look for your child.
  • “Cut through” the district office parking lot.
  • Pick up or drop off in the half-circle in front of the school main office.
  • Wait for your student or park in the Staff Parking Lot on the South side of campus. This area is closed due to bus traffic and teacher parking.

Alternative Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations

  • Students may be picked up or dropped off along Las Virgenes Road between the shuttle stop and Meadow Creek Lane.
  • Students may walk across the bridge between Lost Hills Road and A.E. Wright for pick up on Lost Hills Road.
  • Students are encouraged to walk to school when feasible.  The Agoura Hills-Calabasas Community Center is less than a mile walk to and from school