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A.E. Wright Middle School Spartan mascot

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Public education is free... incredible, amazing, fabulous public education is not!

Donors like you fuel every aspect of education and discovery!  We rely on our community for help every year and without the generousity of our parents and families we would not be able to provide the world class education we do.  

Thank you!

Make a Gift Here! or simply send in a check made out to A.E. Wright Middle School!

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Every school needs a strong foundation.

Great teachers. Insightful counselors. Without them, your child’s school is nothing but rooms, buildings and furniture.

That’s why your child needs The Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools. It exists for one reason and one reason only: to narrow the widening gap between what the State provides and the funds we need to maintain the excellence of our schools.

For more information, please visit the The Foundation Website

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Join us at The Event

To learn more, visit THE Event Website