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Welcome to 8th Grade Science!
Welcome to Mrs. Jenner's science class! 
8th Grade Science is a study of the physical world.  We will begin the year with Physics where we will learn about how things move, velocity, and density.  The second major unit is Chemistry.  We will discover the major properties of matter and how elements interact.  We will then move on to a study of Astronomy where we will learn about the formation of the universe, stars, and our solar system.  Within all of these topics we will focus on the scientific process.  Students will design and carry out many open ended experiments and hands-on activities.  In the Spring students will participate in the science fair.  This year will be an exciting year for all of us!  I will see you all soon!
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Classroom Guidelines and Procedures
Classroom Guidelines and Procedures for 8th Grade Science

See Links on right side of this page for Chapter 2 Notes.  You can find notes on my Google Docs site and on Slide Share.  Both links are provided. Only the first five slides are due this Thursday 9/26.

        8th Grade Physical Science
            Classroom Procedures and

8th Grade Physical Science is the study of the properties of matter and energy and how matter and energy interact.  We will also study the physical and chemical properties of the universe.


Semester 1– The Nature of Science and Chemistry

Semester 2– Astronomy, Physics, and Mousetrap Cars


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Classroom Rules


1.     Be on time to class and bring materials and homework.

2.     Follow lab safety rules.  No eating in labs. 

3.     Show respect for others and their property.  Do not touch lab materials or teacher property.

4.     No backpacks on the lab tables or lab aisles.

5.     No electronic devices on in the class unless noted for a lab.


Required Materials

1. Sharpened pencils (please have more than one)

2. Dedicated science notebook (either a spiral or a composition book).  Bring this to class everyday.

3. Separate Section of Binder for science notes, handouts, corrected homework and labs.  This must be with you in class everyday.

4. Red pen

5. Notebook paper

6.  Organizer


10% Homework

50% Tests and Quizzes

40% Labs, Projects, and In-Class Work

Please note that your grade in science is weighted.  Grades on tests count for more than grades on homework. 

Letter grades will be assigned on a standard scale  

For example:  A = 90%- 100%





Labs and experiments will make up the majority of work in 8th grade science.  Some labs will be student designed and others will be teacher directed.  I expect safe and controlled behavior in the lab at all times.  I will assign lab groups.  In labs you should:

-       Be focused on the problem and complete work

-       Be respectful of group members

-       Follow lab safety rules always

-       Labs are not homework.  You will need to complete labs in the time allotted.  If you are absent you will be held accountable for lab material.  You may copy data from a partner and complete the lab at home.


Science Fair


8th grade students participate in science fair in the spring.  Projects are due the week of Open House.  Projects should be “open-ended” (which means that you don’t know the outcome of the experiment when you start), controlled, and interesting to you.  This year projects need to be based on a current issue in science.  Examples are global warming, water issues, recycling, etc…




Students should avoid absences when possible.  When you are absent I am less concerned about you making up homework and more concerned about the class time you have missed.  You may need to make up labs, lecture notes, warm-ups, and discussion notes.  You are responsible for following through with this.  I will not be checking up to see if you have completed something or are up-to-date with notes.  I am not able to provide early work.  If you are going on vacation you will need to plan time when you get back to complete work unless you are on an independent study plan.


High School Recommendations


At the end of 8th grade, teachers recommend students for placement in high school classes.  Students have the option of taking Honors Biology in 9th grade.  Honors Biology is a challenging class that uses a college-level textbook.  Students are expected to be able to read and write at a high level.  My recommendations will be based on superior work in science as well as language arts.


Technology Policy


Photos and recordings are not allowed at school.  There are times when you will be able to use electronic devices for calculations and as timers.  If you want to use the Internet in class to look up a topic we are discussing, please ask first. No texting, emails, phone calls, etc…


Final Important Notes about Grades


Although I am always here to help you and I will offer ample opportunity for you to demonstrate knowledge in science, YOU are ultimately responsible for your learning and your grade.  If you want to be a part of groups like Honor Society, you need to do superior work to EARN your acceptance into honors groups and classes.  It is not my responsibility to round grades and gift you with scores that you didn’t earn.  Set your goals now and do the work necessary to achieve those goals.


There is no extra credit available.  Your grade is based on your knowledge of 8th Grade Science Standards only.




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