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Magazine Drive  
The last turn in date is this Wednesday, October 22!!
Red Ribbon Week    October 27-30 watch for dress up days for awareness of Red Ribbon Week!!
Magazine Drive Prizes         
7 orders--Kona Ice..10 orders--In N Out---30 orders..Limo Lunch.
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October E-Newsletter 2014

Dear Parents:

October is a very busy month at A.E. Wright! Your child will be participating in a variety of activities this month to support safety and a healthy lifestyle at home and at school. Between International Walk to School Day, “The Great Shakeout”, Red Ribbon Week, presentations by the J-Team from the Lost Hills Sheriff Station, a parent education night on nutrition and healthy choices by Paulette Lambert, the Director of Nutrition at the California Health and Longevity Institute, a parent night on cyber-safety and cyber bullying, and National Bullying Awareness Month, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to engage in meaningful conversations with your child about making healthy and safe decisions. I hope you will take advantage of the opportunities and help us reinforce at home the importance of making positive of choices that will help keep your students physically and emotionally safe.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 is Walk to School Day. This is an event that is occurring internationally and we encourage all those that are able to walk to school on October 8th. If you are not able to walk to school due to the distance of your home, we encourage that you carpool. This is a great opportunity to help reduce traffic, save fuel, and support an active lifestyle. It is also an opportunity for our parents to model and reinforce with students safety rules when crossing the street, riding a bicycle, and remind students about stranger danger.

Due to the large number of students walking to school on October 8, it is important that all parents be reminded of the traffic and safety rules when driving on streets adjacent to and near the school. Just last week I witnessed a white SUV flip a U-turn on Las Virgenes Road right in front of oncoming traffic. Horns blared, brakes squealed, and time slowed as I held my breath as to whether the oncoming car was going to be able to stop in time. Luckily, the car did and a potential tragedy involving students was avoided. Thank you to all those who continue to follow the rules and exhibit patience and safety when picking up and dropping off at school. For those using the carpool loop, please remember that the left lane is for thru traffic only. You may not pick students up in the left lane or block traffic at any time. Please remember, no matter where you are picking up your student, you may not park in red zones or double park at any time. Additionally, the South parking lot is closed to parent drop-off and pick-up. Instead of parking and waiting for your student, please consider coming to school at 3:15pm to pick up your child. Usually, Las Virgenes Road is completely clear by 3:15pm. The loop is usually congestion free by 3:20pm. For those who are frustrated with parents who are not following the rules in any of our pick up/drop off locations, please do not honk, curse, use inappropriate gestures, or get out of your car to confront a parent. Instead, if you witness dangerous driving, please take down the license plate number, model and make, and report the driver to the STTOP program (1-877-310-STOP or

During the week of October 21-23, your student will attend a presentation on cyber-bullying and cyber-safety by sheriffs on the Juvenile Team from the Lost Hills Sheriff Station titled “Click and Delete.” The sheriffs will also be presenting similar information to A.E. Wright parents on October 23th at 7:00pm in the Drama Room. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen the lines of communication between you and your child. Having these types of “hard” conversations with your child isn’t always easy or fun. However, it is better for your child to get information from you rather than misinformation from their friends.

As part of our Red Ribbon Week activities during the week of October 27-30, the counseling office will be emailing you daily “safety” topics to discuss with your child. The daily topics will include talking points and questions to ask your student. 

The A.E. Wright Music Program is now taking orders for See’s Candies through October 10th. They are offering 15 different items including gift certificates.  The candy is the same price you would pay for it at the See’s store. Instead of purchasing See’s Candies at the mall for the holidays, consider buying it through the A.E. Wright Music Program.  Order forms and additional information are available in the main office. You can also email our music teacher, Mrs. Suhr ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), for more information. The candy is slated to be delivered to A.E. Wright between the second and third week of November.

On October 10th, your student will attend the Magazine Drive Assembly. The Magazine Drive is one of two major fundraisers the PFC sponsors during the year. The school receives 50% of all money collected from magazine orders and 40% of all gifts ordered online so the drive is a great opportunity to renew magazines and purchase gifts for the holidays while supporting the school. Please ask your student to see the prize instructions and the magazine booklet. Magazines and gifts can also be ordered online so please encourage your student to reach out to potentially interested family and friends that live out of town as well as neighbors that live nearby.

We are continuing to work on being a little more “clean and green” at A.E. Wright. While we have several recycling bins on campus, the students do not always want to walk the extra few steps it takes to recycle paper goods, cans, and bottles. Please help support the effort when possible by using recyclable materials or re-usable containers when packing your student’s lunch. Additionally, please remind your student that the PFC has purchased two hydration systems for the school. Students can fill up their water bottles with ease at stations outside of the locker room and by the library.

A few things for your calendar….

October 2        Early Release Day, 1:10pm Dismissal
October 6       Make-Up Picture Day
October 8        PFC Meeting, 9:00am in the Faculty Lounge International Walk to School Day
October 10      Magazine Drive Assembly
                        Spirit Day (Wear Blue and White)
                        7th & 8th Grade Dance, 7:00-8:30pm
October 13      No School for Students
October 15      1st Turn-In Day for the Magazine Drive
October 16      Early Release Day, 1:10pm Dismissal
                        The Great American Shakeout (Earthquake Drill)
October 22      2nd Turn-In Day for the Magazine Drive
October 23      Click and Delete Cyber Safety and Bullying Presentation for Parents, 7pm
October 24      End of the 1st Quarter Grading Period
October 27      Healthy Families Parent Education Night, 7pm @ AHS PAEC
October 27-30 Red Ribbon Week
October 30      Early Release Day, 1:10pm Dismissal
October 31      Halloween Dress-Up (Costumes must be school appropriate, no masks or weapons)

Have a great month!

Mrs. Taylor

2014-2015 Early Release Days – Dismissal is at 1:10pm
September 4, 2014
September 18, 2014
October 2, 2014
October 16, 2014
October 30, 2014
November 6, 2014
December 4, 2014
January 15, 2015
January 29, 2015
February 12, 2015
February 26, 2015
March 12, 2015
March 26, 2015
April 23, 2015

Early Dismissal Bell Schedule
Warning Bell 7:45
Period 0 7:50 – 8:40
Warning Bell 8:45
Period 1/HR 8:50 – 9:30
Period 2 9:35 – 10:10
Period 3 10:15 – 10:50
Period 4 10:55 – 11:30
Nutrition 11:30 – 11:50
Period 5 11:55 – 12:30
Period 6 12:35 – 1:10


Wednesday, October 22 - Magazine Drive: 2nd TURN IN DAY!
Wednesday, October 22 - Click & Delete in Science class for 7th Grade
Thursday, October 23 - Click & Delete in Science class for 6th Grade

Thursday, October 23 - Social Media/Cyber Bullying Parent Education Workshop, 7:00pm
Friday, October 24 - Magazine Drive: FINAL TURN IN DAY!!
Friday, October 24 - Magazine Drive: Kona Ice Party
Monday, October 27 - 6th Grade Beach Day
Monday, October 27 to October 30 - Red Ribbon Week
Monday, October 27 - Healthy Families Parent Education Night, 7:00pm @AHS PAEC

Tuesday, October 28 - No "0" Period
Wednesday, October 29 - Parent Meeting for Catalina Trip at AC Stelle, 7:00pm

Thursday, October 30 - Early Release Day, Dismissal at 1:10pm (see schedule)
Friday, October 31 - Halloween Dress Up Day
Tuesday, November 4 - 7th Grade Catalina Trip Meeting during lunch



Our magazine drive has ended. Thank you to all students who have participated in the drive. Ducks and event prize tickets will arrive in your homeroom on Friday. The Kona Ice party will happen on Friday, October 24th at lunch. All sparty silver will be handed out on the day of the prize store next Wednesday.
There will be one last chance to turn in any last orders this Friday, October 24th. While these orders will not count towards the prizes, they will still help the school and we will reward you with big candy bars and a chance to win cash. You have one more chance to sell more items and turn in the orders this Friday morning!


A.E. Wright Middle School invites you to join the J-Team on Thursday, Octobre 23rd for an informative presentation regarding cyber safety to help parents learn how to recognize the signs of unsafe internet activity and teach their children how to be safe when using the internet. 


California Health and Longevity Institute is partnering with LVUSD to provide a free evening of insight and strategies for parents on how to encourage and model healthy choices.  Well-nourished students have higher test scores, improved concentration and behavior. Students who are physically fit, sleep better and are better able to handle the physical and emotional challenges that they encounter during the day. Click here to see the flyer for more information. 


Catalina Trip (7th Grade Honor Society) November 10 - 12 , 2014
Student Meeting: September 17, 2014 (during lunch, 12:35pm, roommate & medical forms)
Parent Meeting: October 29, 2014 (7:00 PM @ AC Stelle Multi Purpose Room)
Student Meeting: November 4, 2014 (during lunch, 12:35pm, supply list)
Catalina Trip, November 10-12, 2014


Red Ribbon Week starts on Monday October 27 through Thursday, October 30th. Below are the dress up days and themes:
Monday 10/27---Living Drug Free is No Sweat--Sweats and sweatshirts
Tuesday 10/28---- Say Boo to Drugs---wear white
Wednesday 10/29--Sock it to Drugs---Wacky Sock Day
Thursday 10/30----Love yourself, be Drug Free (Wear red...this is the National Theme)


All students are encouraged to dress up on Friday, October 31. We encourage students to have fun, be creative, be safe, be respectful and be responsible. Students must wear costumes that adhere to the dress code (Nothing unduly revealing or inappropriate). Face paint is allowed. Students are not allowed to wear masks or face coverings of any kind (IE: blue man suit). Toy weapons or props used as weapons are not allowed. Students not dressed appropriately may be provided with loaner clothing, have parents bring appropriate clothing, lose behavior points, or face other appropriate disciplinary action. 


The Veterans Day Assembly is scheduled for November 7, 2014 at 11:30 AM. We would like to invite any current or retired service members to join us. We are asking for pictures of family members who have served or are serving to include in a slideshow to show students at the assembly. Our intention is to make the video more meaningful by showing how we are all connected. If you have a picture of your family member’s time in the military, please email Lisa Hatfield with the A. E. Wright student’s name, the service member’s name, the relationship between the two, the branch of the military that the service member served in, and the years of service. We ask that you choose one photo so that we can honor as many people as possible. We need all photos (either real or digital, by Wednesday, October 29, 2014). If you have a family member that would like to join us on November 7, 2014, please RSVP to Lisa Hatfield by November 4th.  We will be having a reception after the assembly for all service people and their families. Last year, it was a great time of sharing and remembering.  We really hope you can join us. To contact Lisa Hatfield, click here


The AEW PFC (Parent Faculty Club) is putting together the directory which is going on line. You must visit and fill out your information by September 10th in order to be included in the directory. If you do not input your information, you will not be included in the directory. 


Got a nose for news?  Do you love taking pictures?  Are you organized and outgoing?  Then we have the club for you!  The Wright Answers is A.E. Wright’s student run online newsletter put together by student volunteers during their lunch time.


Aeries for Parents allows parents and students to access progress report grades (weeks 5 and 15), mid-semester report card grades (week 10), final semester report card grades (week 20), as well as attendance and other password protected information. In addition when teachers use the Aeries Gradebook, parents and students can also view current grades for that class through the Aeries Online system. (Please note: Teachers utilize a variety of electronic grading systems. Please visit the teacher's Web page for information or contact the teacher directly via email or phone.) Click the link to access Aeries Online.  Having problems? Click here to go to the support page for extra help.


Please ensure that your student is at school daily and on time. If your child is unable to attend school, please verify their absence by calling 818-880-4614, extension 226. Verifying their absence does not excuse their absence. Per state law, excused absences include illness, medical appointments, immediate family funerals, court appearances or jury duty, and religious holiday with prior written approval.   


Please click here to see the Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures. We appreciate you following the procedures and being polite and courteous on the traffic loop. We encourage you to use alternate pick up and drop off locations. While we suggest that you arrive early for drop off, there is no campus supervision for early arrivals prior to 8:30 A.M. Students may purchase breakfast beginning at 8:30 A.M. on school days.  For pick-up, we suggest that you do NOT arrive before 3:10 P.M. The line-up of cars actually makes the process slower.  Arrive around 3:15, and it should go very smoothly (and you will be on your way in the same amount of time).


Elaborate birthday celebrations such as balloon bouquets, lunch time parties with cakes, cookies, etc. or balloons are not allowed on school campus and may not be brought to school. Per LVUSD District guidelines, students and parents are encouraged to avoid non-nutritious foods on school campus. 


Want to keep up to date on what is happening at A.E. Wright?  Want to know what exciting activity is coming up next?  Go to the Leadership Activity Page to see how you can through a text message, or just by checking out the activity page!  Click here to see now!

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